Summer Lightroom Presets

Summer Lightroom Presets


Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by the Fallon Travels digital product shop— I am so glad you’re here! Read the description below for more information regarding my Summer Lightroom Presets for the Lightroom Mobile CC app!

The Summer Shine Lightroom Preset Bundle is a collection of 5 DNG Mobile Presets that are PERFECT for travel, creative, fashion, portrait or landscape photography; this preset collection includes several tint and temperature styles for you to choose from with beautiful teal/aqua tones for your tropical travel photography. Please note that the tone curve in this collection will give your photo a slight “shiny” style— if you need help editing the tone curve or would like more information about editing in Lightroom, please feel free to send me a message!

Whether you’re shooting portrait, landscape or drone photography throughout your travel journey, the Summer Lightroom Presets will save you TONS of time in editing your beautiful adventure photos.

What is included in the Summer Lightroom Presets Collection?

  • 5 Stylish Summer Shine Collection Lightroom Mobile Presets — DNG format

  • The Summer Lightroom Preset collection is optimized for the Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile app (free)

  • These presets work best on JPEG images (if you’re shooting in RAW file format, you’ll want to purchase Lightroom Desktop presets)

  • Detailed PDF instructions for Lightroom Mobile Preset installation— step-by-step walkthrough/screenshots included

  • Instant Download— PDF guide contains a Dropbox link that will give you immediate access to your presets

  • This Lightroom preset collection is versatile and simple to use

  • Basic editing knowledge in Lightroom CC is recommended, but not required

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Program will I need to use for these Lightroom Presets?

  • The Summer Lightroom presets were create with Lightroom MOBILE CC users in mind

  • While you technically can use these presets with the Desktop version of Adobe Lightroom (by syncing them in Lightroom CC), they were designed for the Lightroom Mobile CC app (free app for iOS and Android users)

How do I install Lightroom Mobile Presets?

I’ve made the Lightroom Mobile Preset installation process simple:

  • Included with this purchase, you will find a PDF guide with step-by-step instructions on how to setup your Lightroom Mobile Presets

Will these Presets work on my photos?

Yes— the Summer Shine collection is a versatile set of Lightroom Presets, and the edits have been tested on a large number of images. The presets are designed to work with JPEG images— whether you are shooting with your phone or your DSLR camera.

However, while the presets have been tested on a variety of JPEG images, you WILL need to keep in mind that Lightroom Presets are rarely (if ever) going to be a simple one-click-and-done process. Therefore, you will need to play around with your settings and adjustments after you first apply the edit. And to help guide you through the process of making any necessary changes, I have included a FREE Lightroom editing guide with this listing.

Please Note!

Before purchasing the Summer Lightroom Presets, please note that this collection is not meant to have a unique style for each of the 5 Lightroom presets. Some may simply be variations of one another— i.e. exposure adjustments, differences in temperature/tint, individual color adjustments or slight variations of the tone curve. The purpose of providing you with 5 DNG Mobile presets (rather than 1 individual preset) is to give you additional editing options to simplify your overall process, particularly if you are new to the Lightroom CC app (and less time spent editing in Lightroom means more time for your Instagram engagement!).

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I’d love to see the edits that you create with my Summer Lightroom Presets! Make sure to follow along my full-time travel journey at and use the tag #FallonTravelsPresets so that I can feature you on my Instagram account! :)

Terms of Use for Fallon Travels Lightroom Presets

  • You may only use these digital products for personal use

  • This license extends to the single, individual purchaser

  • You may not share, loan, redistribute, sell or copy the digital files from this website

  • All presets and other digital products by Fallon Travels (Fallon Gerst) are copyright protected, and any unauthorized distribution containing any form of this listing will be met with full legal action.

Please Note: This Lightroom preset collection may not work well on the following type of images:

  • Underexposed images

  • Overexposed images

  • Low-quality images

Have any questions or concerns? Free free to contact me!

  • If you experience any issues after reading through the Lightroom installation guide (or if you have any photo editing questions for me!), please feel free to shoot an email over to and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Final Notes:

Due to the digital nature of this product, I am typically unable to provide refunds. Please ask me any questions that you may have BEFORE making a purchase. Have any feedback or suggestions? Please let me know! I am always looking at ways I can improve my products. Unsure of how Lightroom Mobile Presets work? Contact me and I will be more than happy to walk you through the process!

Thank you so much for your purchase!

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