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Hi there! I’m Fallon a free spirited American, working from my laptop while traveling the world.


Graphic Designer. Content Creator. Photographer. Videographer.

Creative Entrepreneur & World Traveler.

Hi there! I’m Fallon. A Florida native who, upon receiving my masters degree in the United Kingdom, decided to nix the traditional 9-5 path in search of something more. Now, you can find me running my graphic and web design business straight from my laptop, giving me the freedom to work from wherever I choose. I’ve traveled to 25+

countries over the past 2 years and have knocked some pretty big adventures off my bucket list… and I’m just getting started. Follow along my travel journey as I present tips, guides and free resources on solo female travel, photography, entrepreneurship & the crazy lifestyle of a digital nomad.


Design Templates & Services

I am a web and graphic designer specializing in branding, website design, social media templates & creative content. Explore my design templates & please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or custom requests!


Social media branding templates for travel bloggers. Use these templates to brand your business on Pinterest, or as blog post covers!

Includes 15 Adobe Lightroom Mobile presets. Interested in learning more about the free Lightroom Mobile app? Check out my guide to Lightroom!

Media kit template for Photoshop; a great resource for pitching your brand to companies so that they can sponsor and work with you on brand deals.


Free Lightroom Mobile Presets

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Have you ever been curious about all of those beautiful travel photos on Instagram? You might be surprised to know that it’s not always about being an amazing photographer… or having the most expensive camera gear. Most of the magic actually lies in the photography edit… AKA using Adobe Lightroom! I’ve grown as a travel photographer over the past few years by learning the ins and outs of Lightroom and developing my own style, and I am so pleased to finally share some of my presets with you! Check out my Adobe Lightroom guide if you’d like to learn more!


Fallon Travels- The Blog

Welcome to my blog where I share tips, guides and free resources on solo female travel, photography, videography, creative entrepreneurship and the crazy lifestyle of a digital nomad.


Fallon Travels Lightroom Presets: The Influencer Collection

The Influencer Collection: A bundle of 15 versatile presets for Travel Bloggers, Instagram Influencers & creative entrepreneurs.


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