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Hi there! I’m Fallon — a free spirited American, working from my laptop while traveling the world.


Hey there, I’m Fallon— you know, like Jimmy Fallon. I’m just your average Adobe Creative Cloud loving gal who travels the world full-time & designs pretty things for a living. Ha ha— not really the whole truth but it sounds nice, doesn’t it? So here’s the real tea, sis. After graduating with my masters degree in Economics at a UK-based university, I decided that the whole traditional life was NOT meant for me. Come on, you know the one. White picket fence, 2-car garage, living in a cubicle for 40+ hours a week, 2.5 kids & a golden retriever?! Mmmm ya, thanks but no thanks. Not exactly the lifestyle for me. This whole “American Dream” thing didn’t fit with MY dreams and life goals— so I took a different path.

Now I run my graphic design and photography business straight from my laptop, giving me the freedom to work from anywhere. BUT I’ve gotta be honest— this whole online biz thing is NOT easy. I was kind of just spinning the wheels for a while… ESPECIALLY when it came to my blog. But I’m changing things up around here BIG time. Moving forward, here’s what you can expect: real, HONEST answers about what it takes to run a successful creative biz. I’m talking allll the nitty-gritty: How to sell successful digital products, how to navigate the Adobe suite (which can impact your biz BIG time) and how to use FREE tools if you can’t yet afford the paid ones. Yep, we’re covering it all— get ready. :)


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Free Lightroom Presets, say what?!


Alright— here’s the tea, sis (I don’t like sugar-coating around here).

Raise your hand if you’re sick & tired of all those “bright & airy” presets that just make your photos look super washed out and… kinda just bleh. Yea girl, me too. *Not trying to offend anyone here.. I just gotta speak my truth*. Well I have great news for you! I’ve created 3 mobile presets to make your photos look BOMB and I’m giving them away for absolutely FREE. Yep, so crazy of me— I know.


Sign up for these bad boys using the form above & feel free to check out my post on how to add presets to Lightroom Mobile if you wanna learn more about the setup process! Peace & blessings, ya’ll. :)


Check out the Blog


My creative blog is currently in serious revamp mode. I’m changing things up big time around here, so I suggest checking back soon… you know, if you’re into the whole “free stuff that will change my life as I currently know it” kind of thing. ;)


Your new fave creative biz Shop


I’m currently working on a BIG creative project (what’s new) that I think you may just be interested in. :) Coming soon, I’ll have the social media & creative business templates that EVERYONE has been asking me for… designed in Canva! I’ll be honest with ya… I was NOT a fan of Canva until recently (the Canva 2.0 update has completely 180’d my mindset shift).

So if you’ve been struggling with your biz branding and doing #AllTheThings but can’t yet commit to the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (I feel your pain— not my cheapest monthly biz expense), then don’t fret— I’ve got you covered! Check back real soon for my simple-to-use Canva templates (completely free, no subscription-software required).


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