30 BEST things to do in London — The Ultimate Guide To London, England

If you know anything about me, you probably know that I’m a bit obsessed with London (alright, maybe that’s an understatement). But hey, I have reason to be biased towards the U.K. capital city- I lived nearby for a year and a half while pursuing my masters degree at the University of Bristol in Bristol, England. While there are a million reasons why I love the city, I would have to pin-point it down to the people. London is a place of diverse culture, and you will truly find a melting pot of individuals from every region of the world!

London is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And while I highly recommend going far beyond the traditional London sights, I thought I would round up a quick guide to the best things to do in London which includes sightseeing, attractions, events, ceremonies, tours, London neighborhoods and suggestions for your upcoming trip! And whether you’re only visiting London for three days, or you’re just feeling a bit overwhelmed in the planning process, I’m going to tell you some of the top things to do— so let’s get to it!


1. National Gallery

Address: Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN

Open Hours: Daily 10am—6 pm, Friday 10am—9pm

The National Gallery is an infamous art gallery in London that hosts a collection of world-class art pieces. While it’s certainly admirable to want to see all of the displays, you might want to check out the National Gallery website for a list of the top 30 must-see paintings for your gallery visit.

Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard

Address: Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA

Open Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 11am

I actually have been inside Buckingham Palace— there are a number of events that take place throughout the year (but you’ll need to do some of your own research first). However, one event that will always remain is the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

One of the most popular attractions in London, the Changing of the Guard takes place every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning at 11am and is located at the forecourt of Buckingham Palace. According to the official Changing of the Guards website, it is recommended to arrive at Buckingham Palace no later than 10:15am to secure a good spot (as it tends to get very crowded with tourists!).

Make sure to check the official website prior to arrival, just in case there are any updates or notable schedule changes.

Buckingham Palace Tip: While most visitors opt for the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, there are actually ceremonies at three different locations: Buckingham Palace, St. James’ Palace and Wellington Barracks (The ceremonies for St. James’ Palace and Wellington Barracks both take place at 10:30am).

Buckingham Palace Tour: Want to get the most out of your Buckingham Palace experience? Check out the following tours to ease your London planning process:


2. Hide out in Hyde Park

Address: Contiguous to Kensington Gardens, Central London

Public Transport: Hyde Park Corner Underground Station

Open Hours: Daily; 5am-12am

A trip to London is simply not the same without a visit to the well-renowned Hyde Park. One of the largest parks in all of London, Hyde Park is an absolute must on your list of things to do in London.

Boating on the Serpentine, Diana Memorial Fountain & Speakers’ Corner are just a few of the many reasons you should visit this not-so-modest “park” (quotations necessary because, trust me, this place is huge!). If you visit London during the summer months, you may even want to check out the list of events taking place before you go; Hyde Park is host to a number of spectacular summer concert lineups!


3. Piccadilly Circus

Address: Piccadilly Circus, London W1D 7ET

Public Transport: Piccadilly Circus Station

Open Hours: General area; hours vary by location

Move over Times Square, there’s a new gal in town! Alright, all bad jokes aside— Piccadilly Circus is most definitely
worth adding to your London itinerary. Located in London’s West End in the City of Westminster, Piccadilly Circus is a lively area filled with tons of unique shops, restaurants, photo spots & some great people-watching opportunities (I mean, someone has to say it).

Nighttime is generally a great time to visit Piccadilly Circus— the atmosphere is very much like Times Square in New York. You’ll find a lot of people, bright lights & billboards, movement from every which-way you turn, and tons of lively spirit (so if people aren’t really your thing, you may want to steer clear).

While there are a seemingly endless number of things to do, make sure to check out the longest standing ad in Piccadilly Circus— the CocaCola ad. A spectacular sight regardless of the time of day, but the sign truly comes to life at night!

Piccadilly Circus Tip: While I would give this advice no matter where you are in the world, just be cautious of your surroundings. This is a pretty touristy area, so pickpockets are commonplace. Make sure you have all zippers closed, and never store anything of value in open pockets that are easily accessible. Just watching out for ya, friend! :)


4. Regent Street

Address: Regent Street, Soho, London W1B 5SJ

Public Transport: Oxford Circus Station (4 min); Piccadilly Circus Station (6 min); Green Park Station (8 min)

Open Hours: General area; hours vary by location

No matter what time of year you visit London, the infamous Regent Street is always a sight worth seeing. While living in Bristol during 2016/2017, I made a few (ok.. maybe more than a few) trips over to London. And Regent Street was always putting on a show for its visitors! My personal favorite time to visit Regent Street is during the winter months— you’re able to witness the gorgeous Angel lights twinkling above every which-way you turn. And trust me, winter time in London is well worth bearing the cold weather for!

Make sure you add this busy little street to your list of things to do in London for shopping galore and, of course, tons of cute photo opportunities for Instagram!


5. Sip on Afternoon Tea

Address: Varies

Open Hours: General; hours vary by location

England is the birthplace of afternoon tea, so it’s definitely something you should experience during your trip. You would typically have afternoon tea somewhere between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m., and I wouldn’t recommend eating lunch before or an early dinner after your tea— you will get filled up quickly.

Afternoon tea typically consists of:

  • Tea (of course)

Along with three tiers of food:

  • Finger sandwiches

  • Scones with cream and jam

  • A nice selection of sweet treats

Afternoon Tea Tip: Want the full London Afternoon Tea experience? Why not knock off two big London Bucket List items with the following tour:

6. Big Ben & Houses of Parliament

Address: Parliament Square, Westminster, St Margaret Street, London SW1A 0AA

Public Transport: Westminster Station (2 min); St James’s Park Station (8 min); Embankment Station (10 min)

Open Hours: Tours available Monday - Friday 9:15am, 10:15am, 11:15am & 2:15pm (note that tours are available by prior arrangement only, so make sure to plan ahead!)

Ah, Big Ben. How could I not include it?! The world-famous Big Ben (or Elizabeth Tower, the given name of the clock tower) overlooks the city of London from its location at the Houses of Parliament.

Unfortunately, Big Ben is currently undergoing some pretty major restoration. The project is said to last 4 years, so you might not get your picture-perfect Instagram post with Big Ben anytime soon (but there’s always Photoshop! Only half kidding..). Regardless of the restoration project, the mighty clock tower is always worth the trip!

The Houses of Parliament are also undoubtedly impressive; 1,000 rooms, 100 staircases and 3 kilometers of hallways (sounds like my kind of place!). Unfortunately, I still haven’t toured the building, even after taking many London trips over the past few years. However, I will definitely be making it a priority for my next visit! And I’ll need to be taking my own advice for the tour, which you can find below!

Big Ben & Houses of Parliament Tip: Make sure to plan ahead if you would like a tour of Parliament! The tour itself is free, however, you must book well in advance to reserve a space. And they don’t make exceptions over there!


7. Take a cruise along the River Thames

Address: Various locations

Open Hours: General area; Open daily

Serving as the longest river in England, and the second longest in the United Kingdom, the River Thames is a must-see for your London trip (you really won’t be able to miss it, though). If you can squeeze it into your itinerary, I would highly suggest taking a Thames River cruise. And if a cruise isn’t in the cards, then simply walk along the river banks for some breathtaking views!

Best River Thames Cruises: Below, I’ve rounded up a few River Thames cruises that offer spectacular views of some of the top London attractions:

8. Visit Chinatown London

Address: Gerrard St, London W1D 58P, UK (main focal point; there are numerous Chinatown gate entrances)

Public Transport: Leicester Square Station (3 min); Piccadilly Circus Station (3 min); Covent Garden Station (7 min)

Open Hours: General area; hours vary by location

I couldn’t dare have a guide on what to do in London without mentioning Chinatown! London’s infamous Chinatown can be located near Gerrard Street (close to Leicester Square and Covent Garden). In my humble opinion, Chinatown is one of the most beautifully decorated London sites—adorned with Chinese lanterns, vibrant arches & plenty of Asian culture to go around!

While there are a seemingly endless number of London attractions here to check off your list, I would start with the following:

My absolute favorite place in Chinatown London is without a doubt Bubblewrap Waffle— head here for Hong Kong-style egg waffles filled with delicious gelato to satisfy those sweet-tooth cravings you’ve been having. From there, you can request any (and all!) of the delicious toppings/sauces that your heart desires. And for all you Nutella fans out there— they have plenty of options to keep your stomach nice & happy! :)


9. Take a Telephone Booth photo!

Address: Pretty much every corner of London!

Open Hours: General area; Hours N/A

Did you really even visit London if you didn’t take a photo in a red telephone booth?! Make sure to hop on the bandwagon and get your London photo booth picture— your Instagram followers are dying to see it. You can even be a big cheese-ball like me and caption it, “London was calling… so I obviously answered!”.


10. Have a cupcake at Peggy Porschen London

Address: 116 Ebury Street, Belgravia, London SW1W 9QQ

Public Transport: Sloane Square Station (5 min); Victoria Station (7 min); Hyde Park Corner Station (13 min)

Open Hours: Daily: 8am—8pm

Alright guys... the cupcakes from Peggy Porschen London are SERIOUSLY out of this world (but I also am a huge sweets gal so I might be a tad bit biased… and craving chocolate at the moment). All jokes aside, I got the Oreo/Cookies & Cream cupcake and it was well worth every single calorie.

Be sure to add this cute little pink cafe to your list of things to do in London— and snag some sweet treats, delicious coffee and some of the most delicious cakes you’ve ever tasted! I’ll be living vicariously through your Instagram stories. ;)

Peggy Porschen London Tip: Alright, gotta be honest with ya here. While Peggy Porschen might just be the most adorable/ Instagrammable cafe in all of London… it’s a little on the small side. Chances are pretty slim that you find a seat inside immediately BUT they have additional seating outside. So, if weather permits, snag one of these up ASAP! And you can probably get a cuter Instagram photo than if you were to sit inside the cafe, anyway.


11. Ride a double-decker bus!

Address: General

Open Hours: General; hours vary

One item you must tick off your list of things to do in London: opt for a double-decker red bus as your means of transportation. Why? Because they are iconic, of course! AND by opting for a London bus tour, you can also knock a few of the top things to do in London off your list while you’re at it!

London Transportation Tip: London’s transportation is incredibly simple to navigate, even after just a few days of visiting London. Everything is connected and convenient— the London tube station, the on-and-off buses and the trains that can take you all over the United Kingdom. London transportation can, however, be a bit on the pricey side if you don’t plan ahead! So do yourself a favor and check out the following London bus tours:

12. Visit Kings Road London

Address: Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW3

Public Transport: Sloane Square Station (2 min); Knightsbridge Station (13 min); South Kensington (13 min)

Open Hours: General area; hours vary by location

A trip to the city of London isn’t quite the same without a visit to the ever-colorful Kings Road London. This beautiful little (okay, not so little) street stretches all the way through Chelsea and Fulham. Infamously associated with 1960s fashion icons, this unique place to visit in London is best known for great shopping and some of the most colorful little houses in the entire city. And it makes for some pretty great Instagram photo opportunities!


13. Westminster Abbey

Address: 20 Deans Yard, London SW1P 3PA

Public Transport: Westminster Station (4 min); St James’s Park Station (5 min); Embankment Underground Station (12 min)

Open Hours: Service open on Sundays and religious holidays

Undoubtedly one of the most popular things to do in London— Westminster Abbey, of course! Westminster Abbey is primarily famous because a lot of the kings and queens are buried there, along with historic figures such as Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton. In fact, there are over 3,000 bodies buried at Westminster Abbey!

Although a visit to Westminster Abbey requires a paid ticket, you are actually able to visit the church (free of charge) by attending worship, which is held on Sundays and religious holidays. If you do want to purchase a ticket, there are a few options you could take. Some London walking tours offer pretty decent discounts on admission— somewhere around £10. Definitely worth looking into if ya want to save some cash while visiting London!

At the door, you can pay the following entry fees (note that prices may vary):

  • Adult— £23

  • Concessions (People aged 60+ and students)— £20

  • Wheelchair users and their carers— Free

  • Children 6-16 years of age— £10

  • Children 0-5 years of age— Free

  • Families (1 adult and 1 child)— £23

    • Each additional child— £10

If you want to skip the planning hassle, then feel free to check out the following Westminster Abbey tours:


14. Explore the colors of Notting Hill

Address: Notting Hill, London W11 3HT

Public Transport: Notting Hill Gate Station (main station); Queensway Station (7 min); Bayswater Station (8 min)

Open Hours: General area; hours vary by location

One of the most recognizable neighborhoods and famous places in London— the ever-colorful Notting Hill.

This romantic neighborhood isn’t just known for being the inspiration behind iconic film— Notting Hill (featuring Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts)— it’s also home to a seemingly endless number of vintage record & bookshops, antique markets (most famously Portobello Road Market) and, of course, the infamous array of pastel-colored townhouses.

Notting Hill Travel Tip: Two of Notting Hill’s most well-known events— Portobello Road Market (more below) & the Notting Hill Carnival. Try to do some research and plan around these events if you can!

15. Portobello Road Market

Address: Notting Hill, London, UK

Open Hours: Monday - Wednesday 9am—6pm, Thursday 9am—1pm, Friday 9am—7pm, Saturday 9am—7pm (Closed on Sundays; note that times listed are a general guide— shops & cafes open 7 days a week and hours vary by location)

While we’re on the topic of Notting Hill, it’s definitely worth mentioning the infamous Portobello Road Market. If you plan on adding Notting Hill to your list of things to do in London, you might as well stop by this lively “little” (I’m using that term lightly) street market during your time there! Portobello Road Market is the world’s largest antique market— so you definitely won’t run out of souvenir ideas to bring back home (although you just might run out of money— this place can seriously get the best of ya).

the Portobello Road Market Schedule:

Note that Saturday is the “biggest” day for the Portobello Road Market— just in case you want to experience some of the real craziness. However, each weekday at the market (except for Sundays) has something to offer its visitors. The official categories for the Portobello Road Market stalls are: Antique stalls (A), Arcade stalls (AA), Bric-a-Brac stalls (B), Fashion & Clothing stalls (F&C), Fruit & Veg stalls (F&V), Food stalls (F). I’ve listed the open hours for each stall category below.

  • Saturday: (A), (AA), (B), (F&C), (F&V), (F) (Open hours from 9am—7pm)

  • Sunday: Closed

  • Monday—Wednesday: (B), (F&C), (F&V), (F) (Open hours from 9am—6pm)

  • Thursday: (B), (F&C), (F&V), (F) (Open hours from 9am—1pm)

  • Friday: (A), (B), (F&C), (F&V), (F) (Open hours from 9am—7pm)

Be sure to check out the official Portobello Road website if you’d like to learn more about the market stalls/ schedule for sellers!


Make sure you check out the local vendors selling everything from your typical London souvenirs (London keychains, magnets, t-shirts, hats, etc.) to home decor, hand-stitched goods & even fresh vegetables. You definitely won’t get bored during your time here on Portobello Road!

16. Tower Bridge

Address: Tower Bridge Road, Bankside, London SE1 2UP

Public Transport: London Bridge Station (8 min); Bermondsey Station (13 min); Borough Station (15 min)

Open Hours: Summer Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9am—6pm, Sunday - Monday 10am—6pm | Winter Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9am—5pm, Sunday - Monday 10am—5pm

If you’re looking for the picture-perfect Instagram photo, then look no further than the ever-iconic Tower Bridge! One of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, the Tower Bridge is an absolute must see and should without a doubt be added to the top of your list of things to do in London!

Tower Bridge Tickets & Tours: If you want to climb the bridge, you’ll need to purchase tickets online in advance! Feel free to check out the following tours:


17. Take a trip to Greenwich

Address: Romney Road, London SE10 9NF

Public Transport: New Cross Station (28 min); North Greenwich Station (28 min min); New Cross Gate Station (35 min) or Maze Hill Railway Station (5 min)

Open Hours: General location; hours vary by location (Greenwich Park open daily; 7am—Dusk)

One of my favorite neighborhoods in London— Greenwich. Home to the United Kingdom’s official Meridien Line, Greenwich is best known for its maritime history and some of the best sightseeing in London. Make sure to check out the gems of Greenwich during your visit— Greenwich Market (one of my personal faves), the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory.

Oh and between you & me— the top of Greenwich Park offers the most spectacular (and free!) view of the city… and is the perfect location for a picnic on a warm, summer day!

Greenwich Tip: Want to travel over to Greenwich a little more conveniently?! You may just want to check out the London: Westminster to Greenwich River Thames Cruise . Take in all of the top London landmarks while conveniently cruising along to Greenwich (I mean, you were heading there anyway…). I’ve listed a few of the cruise highlights for ya below:

  • Choose the most convenient route for you: one-way or return tickets available

  • Enjoy the best views of London on a 1-hour Thames river cruise from Westminster to Greenwich

  • Listen to live audio commentary throughout your cruise journey

  • Get the best views in the house (I mean boat) from the open deck

So get ready to sit back, relax & enjoy your journey to Greenwich!

18. Visit Carnaby Street, London

Address: Carnaby Street, Soho, London, W1F 7QS

Public Transport: Oxford Circus Station (4 min); Piccadilly Circus Station (6 min); Tottenham Court Road Station (8 min)

Open Hours: General area; hours vary by location

One of the most unique shopping and dining districts in the entire city, a trip to London is simply not the same without a visit to Carnaby. At the heart of London’s West End, you will find an array of independent boutiques, colorful buildings, and over 60 unique restaurants and pubs. Carnaby, London is located close to the Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus tube stations, and the entire region is spread across 14 streets, including the well-renowned Carnaby Street and Kingly Court (see below for more on Kingly Court— one of my fave hidden gems!).


19. Camden Market

Address: Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF

Public Transport: Camden Town Station (5 min); Chalk Farm Station (7 min)

Open Hours: Daily; 10am—Late

Camden Market, or Camden Lock as it’s often known as, is a unique (slightly alternative) market filled with over 1000 shops/stalls selling everything from food, clothing, art and collectables. At Camden, you’ll find tons of stalls offering handmade goods, vintage trinkets, international cuisine & delicious street food. You may want to head over to Camden Market relatively early, as this London attraction has been very popular among tourists in recent years (especially on weekends!).

20. Kingly Court

Address: Kingly Court Off Carnaby Street, Soho, London, W1B 5PW

Public Transport: Oxford Circus Station (4 min); Piccadilly Circus Station (6 min); Green Park Station (8 min)

Open Hours: General area; hours vary by location

One of my favorite hidden gems in London— Kingly Court. Tucked away on Carnaby Street, this three-story London courtyard is filled with delicious restaurants, cafes & bars that cater to every taste; Pizza Pilgram, Rum Kitchen and OKA being a few of the biggest fan favorites (Rum Kitchen is my personal fave). Among a number of restaurants and cocktail bars, Kingly Court hosts a 1940s London underground themed late-night bar called Cahoots which is supposedly a huge crowd favorite.

And if you’re a health fanatic (which I’m not… but hey, we all have our own thing), Kingly Court recently opened up their first standalone cafe called Acai Berry which features tons of tasty acai bowls & smoothies. AND there’s even a cool little yoga spot to check out on Kingly Court’s top level!


21. Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross

Address: King’s Cross Railway Station, Euston Road, London, N1C 4TB

Public Transport: King’s Cross Station (arrive at destination; Platform 9¾ is located inside station)

Open Hours: General area; hours vary by location

Located at King’s Cross Railway Station on Euston Road, the infamous Harry Potter shop, or Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross, is most deserving of a spot on your list of things to do in London (particularly for all you Harry Potter fans out there).

This magical little photo spot features the fictional location where Harry Potter boarded the Hogwart’s Express that would take him to school— it’s a great experience for all you HP fans out there!

Platform 9¾ Tip: Just be warned… the line/queue for the platform is typically quite long. So make sure to get there early if you want that pic!

22. Take a stroll in Somerset House

Address: Strand, London WC2R 1LA

Public Transport: Temple Station (4 min); Covent Garden Station (7 min); Charing Cross (9 min); Embankment Station (10 min)

Open Hours: Daily; Check website for official event schedule

Located within easy walking distance of Covent Garden, Somerset House London is a historic Georgian building that was built on the site of a Tudor palace. The palace, belonging to the Duke of Somerset (hence the name), was designed by Sir William Chambers back in 1776. Today, Somerset House is home to a community of artists, creative businesses and makers— sounds like my kind of place! I actually wish I could have spent more time exploring this creative space… guess that just means I’ll have to return! ;)

Somerset House features a gorgeous, relaxing courtyard open to the general public— come bring lunch and simply people-watch for the day if you wish! And this trendy little spot makes for some pretty great photo opportunities (come on—do it for the Gram!).

Somerset House Tip: Entry to Somerset House is free, however, you’ll need to purchase a ticket for some gallery & exhibition spaces and events. Call ahead and/or check the website for more up-to-date pricing and event information. The general admission schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday: 10am—6pm (with last admission at 5pm)

  • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 11am—8pm (with last admission at 7pm)


23. Covent Garden

Address: The Market Bldg, 41, London WC2E 8RF

Public Transport: Covent Garden Station (2 min); Leicester Square Station (5 min); Charing Cross Station (7 min); Holborn (10 min)

Open Hours: Shopping: Monday - Saturday 10am—8pm, Sunday 11am—6pm; Restaurants & Cafes: Monday - Saturday 8am—11:45pm, Sunday 12pm—10:30pm

With lively street performers, trendy shops & cafes galore, Covent Garden is an absolute MUST on your list of things to do in London. From the shop-til-you-drop Monday Antique Markets to simply watching the street performers and comedians do their thing in the Piazza, Covent Garden has an endless amount of entertainment to offer its visitors— which you can discover simply by walking around and exploring these narrow little streets by foot.

Covent Garden Tip: If you’re spending an entire day in Covent Garden, then you might as well treat yourself (am I right or am I right?!). Well, the infamous Ladurée (you know—the French cafe with the best macarons ever) conveniently has a location here… and one with a pretty amazing view of the Piazza. Make sure to call ahead if you want to reserve a table on the Parisian-style balcony overlooking the Piazza & St. Paul’s Church (I mean.. who wouldn’t want that view?!).


24. Coca-Cola London Eye

Address: Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB, UK

Public Transport: Waterloo Station (6 min); Lambeth North Station (10 min); Southwark Station (13 min)

Open Hours: Daily; 10am—8:30pm

Easily one of the most popular experiences in the entire city— the Coca-Cola London Eye. By taking a ride on one of the world’s tallest observation wheels, you can enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of London from 135 meters above the city (say hello to Big Ben for me!). An adult ticket for the London Eye costs around £25— a little on the pricier side (considering how many free things there are to do in London!), but you will certainly find these aerial views to be money well-spent.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the Coca-Cola London Eye, the whole waiting-in-line thing is never exactly ideal (particularly if you’re only visiting London for a short period of time). So if I were you, I would definitely try to plan ahead! Below, I’ve listed a tour that will give you access to the London Eye, along with fast-track admission- no need to wait in the long line/queue!

Ticket purchase for the London Eye:

Ticket Includes:

  • Admission to the London Eye (standard or fast-track; depending on the option booked)

  • Admission to the 4D experience

  • London Eye Guide— available to download for iOS and Android

To purchase your ticket:

First, you’ll need to click this link: Coca-Cola London Eye Experience . Once you’re on the booking site, you’ll need to choose the amount of participants and preferred date, then select “Check Availability”. You should then see the following booking options:

  • Coca-Cola London Eye: Standard Experience - Advance Booking

  • Coca-Cola London Eye: Standard Experience - Same Day Booking

  • Coca-Cola London Eye: Fast Track - Advance Booking

  • Coca-Cola London Eye: Fast Track - Same Day Booking

And you’re all set! Note that children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age. Your total ride time in the London Eye will be around 30 minutes. Enjoy & take lots of Instagram photos— I’ll be living vicariously through you!


25. Try some classic Fish & Chips from the Bag O’Nails

Address: 6 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, London SW1W 0PP, UK

Public Transport: Victoria Station (5 min); St James’s Park Station (9 min); Hyde Park Corner Station (10 min)

Open Hours: Daily; Monday - Friday 11am—11pm, Saturday & Sunday 11am—10:30pm

I have to admit- I don’t even like seafood. But I knew that I had to try the classic fish & chips at some point if I was going to be living in England for over a year. And there’s no better way to enjoy this delicacy than at a traditional English pub!

When you’re in the Buckingham Palace area (you definitely should be at some point during your London visit), make sure to stop by the Bag O’Nails for some traditional pub food & British favorites— fish & chips, mushy peas & a local pint. Could life get any better?! AND it’s incredibly cozy interior makes for a great people-watching destination in central London— you know, if you’re into that sort of thing (It’s fine, I totally am too— no shame).


26. The Ivy Chelsea Garden

Address: 195-197 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5EQ, UK

Public Transport: South Kensington Station (10 min); Sloane Square Station (13 min); Gloucester Road Station (15 min)

Open Hours: Monday - Saturday 8am—12:30am (Last booking 10:45pm), Sunday & Bank Holidays 9am—12:30am (Last Booking 10pm)

So you know how I was talking about King’s Road earlier? Well… if you decide to make the journey over yonder, make sure to stop by The Ivy Chelsea Garden on route! Not only does this hidden gem of a restaurant offer some of the most mouthwatering British classics, they have some pretty great photo opportunities as well (I mean, come on! Do you see those extravagant floral arrangements pictured below?!).

The Ivy Chelsea Garden offers its visitors a beautiful garden terrace, art-filled interiors & an incredibly convenient proximity to a number of shops & restaurants along King’s Road. You certainly won’t want to forget this trendy spot for your list of things to do in London!


27. Victoria and Albert Museum

Address: Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2RL

Public Transport: South Kensington Station (4 min); Gloucester Road Station (9 min); Knightsbridge Station (12 min)

Open Hours: Saturday - Thursday 10am—5:45pm and Friday 10am—10pm

A sea of Victorian architectural design, the Victoria and Albert Museum is certainly a must-see when traveling to London; this historic museum easily secures a spot on this quick guide to the best things to do in London- don’t miss out!

28. Find Banksy!

Address: Anywhere & everywhere in the United Kingdom!

Open Hours: N/A

Alright, alright- chances are very slim that you’ll actually find Banksy… but you might spot a few of the murals created by this anonymous England-based street artist. Banksy’s work originally grew out of the Bristol underground scene, so I was fortunate enough to see a few of the artist’s murals during my year-and-a-half stint in Bristol, England. Although most murals have since been removed from their places of origin, you might be lucky enough to spot a few of Banksy’s pieces in London (or Bristol!)- so head on over to see them while they last.

The photo below is the only one in this guide that I didn’t personally photography myself, but it happens to be one of my favorite Banksy pieces to date— Girl with Balloon (or Balloon Girl). Although the first mural was painted way back in 2002, Banksy has since used this symbolic piece to support a number of social campaigns such as the Syrian refugee crisis. The street artist and political activist’s campaign to “stand with Syria” went viral, and has since been supported by over 100 international non-government and humanitarian organizations. How amazing is that?!


30. Get The London Pass!

Feeling completely overwhelmed with all things London? Stressed out and don’t have time for all this planning?! I SO feel your pain (seriously— I’m the worst travel planner to ever exist. Ironic, right?). If you’re anything like me and prefer handing the travel plans over to someone else, then consider purchasing the London Pass! This snazzy little travel card includes access to over EIGHTY London attractions!

The London Pass includes:

  • Full access to more than 80 top London attractions, museums and tours.

  • Hop-on hop-off bus tour— check out the top London sites while conveniently cruising along to your next destination (um hello convenience!).

  • 160 page guidebook jam packed with insightful London Pass tips & advice, information on each London attraction included, and maps to help you best navigate the big city!

  • Access to your London Pass straight from your mobile device.

  • Ability to skip the line/queue at selected London attractions.

  • Various discounts on shopping, dining & London entertainment.

The London Pass grants access to over 80 London attractions including:

  • The View from the Shard

  • Tower of London

  • Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

  • Thames River Cruise

  • Westminster Abbey

  • Windsor Castle

  • Churchill Museum & Cabinet War Rooms

  • Kew Gardens

  • National Gallery

  • Queen’s Gallery

  • Royal Observatory Greenwich

  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

  • Wimbledon Tour Experience

And so much more! You can find the full list of attractions on the London Pass website.

To purchase your ticket:

First, you’ll need to click this link: The London Pass with Access to over 80 Attractions. Once you’re on the booking site, you’ll need to choose the amount of participants and preferred date, then select “Check Availability”. You should then see the following booking options:

  • 1-Day Pass

  • 2-Day Pass

  • 3-Day Pass

  • 4-Day Pass

  • 5-Day Pass

  • 6-Day Pass

  • 10-Day Pass

Once you finish the booking and payment process, you’ll be all set! The London Pass is such a time and money saver— I’m honestly kicking myself in the foot for not snagging one of these bad boys while I was living in England from 2016—2017. Ya live & ya learn, I suppose! Anywho, have SO much fun on your London journey and send lots of travel photos my way— I cannot wait to live vicariously through your experience! :)


If you’ve traveled to London, I would love to hear about YOUR list of ‘Best things to do in London’ in the comments below! Or if you are planning on visiting London and have any questions for me about the experience, feel free to drop a comment below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible! :)

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